#BikeWeek2019 #bikerchick #iknowtherisk #cruisingthestrip #myrtlebeach #bikelife Instagram Account : pink2000gt Erica Bradley - @pink2000gt Erica Bradley Are you insane like me?? tivtok.com TikTok Viewer


    #BikeWeek2019 #bikerchick #iknowtherisk #cruisingthestrip #myrtlebeach #bikelife Instagram Account : pink2000gt Erica Bradley -

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ms406 - Cate 3 months ago
ms406 - Cate

**From all medical personnel watching** you’re an organ donor right??

kandiek25 - Kandiek25 3 months ago
kandiek25 - Kandiek25

As A Fellow Biker I Believe People like this should have their bike privileges taken away.

dollatacos - Kailey 3 months ago
dollatacos - Kailey

She hits one bad rock and she’s deaddddd. No helmet and no protective clothing :/

joecharman - Joe Charman 3 months ago
joecharman - Joe Charman

Guys leave her alone... if she wore that helmet how could she read the texts on her mounted phone 😒

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